Free DNS Report - DNS Lookup Test is the best tool to perform a DNS Health and DNS Propagation check. Our DNS Check will run a complete DNS Report for the specified domains and analize the common records like A, MX, NS, CNAME, TXT and much more. The DNS check will also analyze the security of your DNS servers, a great plus to reduce the risk of attacks. will check your domain DNS health and give you suggestions so you can follow the best recommended practices. Once your DNS Report is ready, you can export the results of the DNS Test into PDF, Excel or share it by email with your colleagues.

You will also be able to test your DNS propagation WorldWide against DNS servers in America, Europe and Asia. Just enter your domain or subdomain name, choose the record you want to retrieve and the zone where you want to run the test from, and press Check Propagation button. A report with the DNS Resolution results will be ready within seconds from more than 20 countries in the World.

DNSLog uses lot of open source free tools like ping dns, whois lookup, performance monitoring, reverse DNS checks, mail server checks, network tools, and server monitoring, in order to detect dns issues, configuration and DNS performance problems, it also run tests against your mail server to detect issues with your MX records. This dns tools help you to gain more website availability by detecting and correcting issues as soon as they appear in your DNS space.

Free DNS Checker FAQ

  • What is DNS?

    Domain Name System (aka DNS) is the system designed in the early days of the Internet, created to resolve human-readable domain names (eg. into readable IP addresses like: DNS also is useful to provide public information about the DNS records, like email servers, cnames, txt and other type of DNS records.

  • What's My DNS?

    When your DNS records are edited/modified in some way, it may take up to 72 hours for all the global DNS servers to notice that change. That's what is called DNS Propagation time or DNS resolution time. You can run our DNS report if you have cached DNS so we can detect domain dns lookup to check if your domain IP changed or not.

    Depending on the ISPs, TTLs and DNS servers it may take from some hours, to 72 hours max. If your domain or web page doesn't resolve after 72 hours, then it's a configuration error for sure. At you will find our DNS propagation test to find out how your domain names are propagation across the world.

  • What's my ip address?

    Your IP addres is the assigned network number to your public internet connection by your ISP (internet service provider).

    Your IP address right now is: